There are a lot of options when it comes to business opportunities. There are a number of various different teams and organizations that you can align yourself with. And for that reason is why we take the approach that we do. There is a saying that "people don't join companies or businesses". The saying is that they join people. If that were true then how do you explain all of the disasters of train wreck after train wreck? 

We all have tools, training, resources and support so it is claimed. If this were all true then why has the failure rate been nearly 100% percent after 80 years? 

Success 4 The Taking is making the attempt to show you the clear difference between us and every other team that exist on the internet. Along with that we want to be able to show you the clear difference between our lifestyle business opportunity and every other business that exist. While we don't reveal the name of our company we can still build value on it. All you have to do is listen to the differences. 

People love to preach about branding. And people love to preach about the know, like, and trust factors. What is often left out is the credibility factor. People preach but very few lead from the front and very few lead by example. We want to show you the difference between the talkers and the doers. 




Why do we say that? Why can we say that? We say that because at some point in time people are eventually going to get tired. Two things are inevitable. 

  1. People will quit 
  2. People will keep trying

When the value is effectively communicated and once the value is clearly understood decisions are made based on the condition of the individual that we are dealing with. 

Success is about more than just a pay check. It is truly about changing and impacting lives. And Success 4 The Taking does this behind closed doors. We serve a two fold purpose. 

  1. To educate the masses so they can make fully informed decisions without regretting the loss of time and the loss of money.

  2. To provide an exclusive experience for our business partners by creating a culture and atmosphere conducive to success. 



We educate first before we sponsor. We're not looking to just get people in. We're not looking to work with just any and everyone who comes long. People need to know what they are getting into before they get into it. We aim to check for clarification. 

We train first before we partner. It makes no logical sense to buy into a business that you don't understand or are not comfortable or capable of building. We understand that results do matter. People go into business and partner in business to leverage those assets to create the financial freedom they want to accomplish. 

We have resources, and tools of training and support that allow us to create the time freedom we all look for. It is important to us to be able to successfully build business while being able to enjoy the life we create and the life we live. Does this matter to you? Reach out to the person responsible for sharing this information with you! 

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  • July 31, 2022

    Very well put, Christopher. I like that you educate first, that is so important. Know what you are getting into and the person you are going to work with in your business. I like how you put things in a simple manner, in a nutshell, to create a culture and atmosphere conducive to success. This is what we strive to get… Success!

    • July 31, 2022

      Absolutely Sue! There is a lot of noise that blasts constantly in this industry! It’ is definitely time for us to make a difference!

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