Two known leadership styles exist in the home based business industry. It can only be one or the other and not both. "Top Earners" are all about the dollar. "Value Driven" leaders are all about substance and quality. The differences between the two are clear. Top earners are focused on 1 thing and that is top earning. You can thank multi level marketing for creating this behavior. When you're focused on top earning you don't have the time or the patience to go slow enough to help develop other people.

The home based business industry has been in a bad condition for nearly 80 years. It has yielded a near 100% failure rate for its entire existence. The same is still true today. I could list all the reasons why and this page would never end. To bring balance this article is going to focus on the leadership. As stated success and failure rises and falls on leadership. Success does require a wide range of many different skill sets. Some must come directly from you others can come from others. 

Have you ever attempted to listen to someone or follow someone? You've done everything you were asked or told. Did you feel like something was missing? Perhaps you followed the blue print and still didn't get results. Did they blame your mindset? What about blaming your work ethic? You have to honestly ask is that really it? It can't possibly be your mindset! Why? Because you had the mind to do the work or you would of never done the work to begin with. There is not way that it is your work ethic. Why? Because you did the work. What you were doing sounded good and easy? The problem was setting you with the wrong expectations.



Success is simple but not easy. The home based business industry is centered around growing profits and expanding business. If you're in multi level marketing this is selling and recruiting. The average person can't sell and recruit. Why because they are not educated about it. Why? The leadership they are following are not educated about it. Typically where education is lacking so is the training. Education is where the empowerment comes from to make an informed decision. Empowerment comes from the training to produce the results. The fastest and most effective way to build business is through the direct approach. This is what the masses are afraid of. 

Team Believe leads with education and training. Our team meetings are not motivational speeches. Why? Because motivation speeches don't teach skill. Inspirational speaking doesn't provide empowerment. Education and training does. This team has below average people earning above average incomes. There is a reason for that. It's one thing to have the right attitude and feel good about what you're doing. Those feelings are useless if you don't know what to do and where to start.

If what you do doesn't grow your income while securing your time freedom you're building in the wrong thing. If you do what you're told or taught and you income doesn't grow as a results then you're not building with the wrong training. You're building in the wrong thing if you don't understand your business model or compensation plan. Look at the revenue generated by your efforts and the % you earn vs the # of people you have to recruit that should tell you quickly if the opportunity is worth building or not. Always demand to see and to know the bottom line. Do you want to drag others through the same ugly mess?


Team Believe has an untainted leadership because they were customer's for 11 years before deciding to build the business. That is a value driven mark. I've always said if you can't be a customer first because the products or services hold that much value then it's not a business worth building. They were in it for the purest reason.

Team Believe has only ever represented once business opportunity ever in the history of its existence. I hated following so called "leaders" from one thing right on to the next. You will not find another leadership team or leader for that matter out side of our opportunity that can say that. If you do let me know about them so I can give them proper recognition. 

Team Believe is bulletproof due to the fact that Will Eckert has interview more than 200 + people and counting and broken down over 100 different compensation plans that only showed the exact same flaws. Multi Level Marketing is only designed for CEO's and "Top Earners" (above average people) to earn big. The company uses hype and nonsense such as check matches, and fast start bonuses, car bonuses,  house bonuses and rank achievements to cover up the fact that you're only being rewarded for recruiting. This only hides the fact that you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to qualify to earn the money that you already worked for. The bottom line is this the more work you do in multi level marketing (mlm) the less you get paid. This kills the incentive of working for people that you're not personally responsible for. 

The opportunity we represent was designed for the average person to be able to create time and financial freedom all. It's hard to believe but all flaws eliminated. Get Super Excited!


  1. Samuel Lee Reply

    Team Believe is a powerful team shaking up the industry and putting an actual end to scammy companies, shutting down unethical leaders… We put people first for sure!

    • christopher Post authorReply

      they are the only team in the entire company that has a proven process that has been working consistently for a significant period of time!

  2. Tynesha Sales Reply

    I agree that everything rises and falls on leadership. However, before meeting you or Will, I was clearly under the impression that MultiLevel Marketing was all about taking. Average people from where they are currently in their lives to where they truly want to be. Having said that, the combined experience and knowledge that you and Will have is very much so empowering and eye-opening, to say the least. Every day I am learning more and more from you guys, and I’m always constantly blown away by the value that I receive.

    • christopher Post authorReply

      Yeah years of experience means nothing when you meet Mr. Will Eckert! Me 24 years and him 2 combined we have 26 years of experience add another 12 for internet marketing + another 6 for training! that is 44 years of over all experience.

      • Diana Thompson Reply

        I am glad we are partnered with Value driven leaders because I am value driven. I’m not interested in jumping from opportunity to opportunity just for money’s sake. Of course we all want to earn money and create financial and time freedom but why not do it in the best way focusing on value. If people see the value in what you are offering they will happily pay. Another example is that if people see value in a $35,000 vehicle they will pay! Even if they can’t afford it! Think about that! Value is the real currency so why not follow and also become a value driven leader?

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