The opportunity that we seek reward from is different in many ways than any other compensation plan that exist. The first thing that you should be made aware of.  Is this compensation plan does not have a patent on it. Meaning that any other business that exist is welcome to use the model.

However with the track record of the home business space the past near 100 years they won't. You might ask why? This compensation plan was specifically designed with maximum leveage in mind. And who it was designed for is even more serious and aggressive. It was inspired by unfair compensation plans.

The designer wanted the average and below average to accomplish success without all of the nonsense that comes with progressing through the pay plan. All this but without the pressure that comes from weekly and monthly flushing and of course in those rare cases of no flushing at all. 

This opportunity is not a multi-level-marketing or (mlm) compensation plan. Even thought it looks and seems similiar it is absolutely not an mlm.  The main difference between this opportunity vs an mlm is this. Mlm is built upon ranks and levels thus giving hoops to jump through. The more work you do to progress through the compensation plan the less money you earn. 

Success in this opportunity comes from the unlimited amount of leverage. With mlm you might get to leverage 1 percent of 100 people's efforts and that is about it. With this opportunity you can leverage 100% of all of the efforts ofan entire line of distribution. The other major difference between this opportunity vs others is you don't have to be under pressure when it comes to hitting the thresholds.

Instead of having unecessarily wide lines of distributions such as 3 lines or more ours only has two. In most cases the less effort and work it takes for a bottom line the better. Logically and through scientific  mathematical studies have shown time and time again that the average person can't successfully build in more than 2. 

The two most powerful benefits of this opportunity is this

  1. Your volume flushes only when you're being paid 
  2. You get paid monthly until your income occurs weekly. 

With a synergistic approach to building a successful team there is no better compensation plan to seek reward from than this opportunity.  Success only comes from working with the right people. 

It doesn't get any better than this:

1. Working with the most qualified people! (our team)

2. Partnered with the best company of today period!   

3. Powered by opportunity fueled by people! (like you)

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