The biggest problem of the home based business industry is the average person doesn't know or understand their compensation plan. If more people understood them for exactly what they are they would run far away from the businesses they join! 

Success 4 The Taking has experienced success with forced matrices, hybrids, uni level, and binary compensation plans. We discovered that they all work the same way. The more work you do the less you get paid until your organization grows so large that you no longer get paid any more! They are also designed for "CEOs", "Top Earners" and greedy "Dollar Driven" people to make the most money. No compensation plans will pay you anything if you first don't qualify to earn. And then of course you must do the work necessary to render you a paycheck. The common ground between all compensation plans is this. They will not pay you or reward you above your skill set, work ethic, and level of leadership. If you don't understand how to market to gain attention, awareness or attraction you will fail. If you don't understand the importance of customer acquisition and if you don't understand how to sell the products or services you will fail. If you don't understand how to partner with people you will fail. If you don't know what you're doing you can't teach or duplicate. Even if you gain a few sales or get people to join your team your income will not last longer than 90 days because if they don't get results they will quit.

You should take it seriously when you're looking for people to join or a team to partner with! 

If you're not willing to learn the skills it takes to succeed in any business you will fail and you should probably stay away. Just being brutally honest. This is not for everyone. 

Success 4 The Taking is willing to hold your hand, educate you and teach you everything you need to know to build a business or income on or offline. Find a partner schedule an appointment and see if you qualify!

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