The truth is integrity and credibility matter when it comes to the company we represent, the products we promote, or the compensation plan we seek reward from. The company we represent has the best products on the market, the best compensation plan in the industry. The fact that it's no multi-level-marketing is why the compensation plan is the best and only one in a class all buy itself. 

With that being said 99.9% of all multi level and network marketing companies don't care about the field and if you log into their back offices you won't find any training to help you get started, no training to help you build. You would be lucky to find any training to teach you how to navigate or use their back office. Does this make the company or opportunity a bad one? Absolutely any business that doesn't allow you to create time and financial freedom at the same time it is not worth building in. They don't feel obligated to help their field succeed and I don't understand why. Is that a good thing I don't think so. This industry is 80 years old and it has always yielded a near 100% failure rate since the beginning and why should it change now? That change starts with us

Success 4 The Taking represents the strongest and one of the longest standing companies in the industry today. It is still the best kept secret. All of the flaws of the industry have all been eradicated and eliminated. For the masses its hard for the majority to believe it. 

Success 4 The Taking is the fastest growing team in the online because of our duplication process. Its the most powerful team that exist online. We have the most dynamic platform that has ever been assembled. If you want to find out about the company we represent you have to find a member of our team to schedule an appointment to see if you're qualified. 

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