Redeemed Leadership


It's hard to stand out in 2020 without sounding cliche.Because so many use the same language and words of expression. In a world with so much imperfection its hard for the mind to comprehend the fact that perfection is absolutely possible. Depending where you live, and how you were raised determines how you perceive things in life. The truth is everything is created with 1 of 2 things behind it. 

And because good is embedded into the fabric of the foundation of all entities that exist. The reward is being able to stand the test of time. 

Because evil is embedded into the fabric of the foundation of all entities that exist or existed. The reward is disastrous devastation and great is the fall of it.

There is a faith that has the 1 true doctrine I believe that someone is right and someone is wrong. With that same principle concerning my faith. I also believe that there is a business model that is built on true business principles. It's not human ability and simple mistakes that comes from not being able to do everything right that determines a person's perfection. If there is something that can be done well it's considered a strength. And the same is true when its the opposite if there is something that can't be executed easily it could be considered a weakness. What one is good at vs what one is not good at does not define human perfection. What defines true human perfection is the attitude, mind and spirit in which something is done or carried out. The intentions of what is being created matters!

The truth is you may not be able to see the true intentions until after the devastation and the destruction is complete!

Redeemed Leadership


Real authentic leadership doesn't lead with; "I'm a multiple 6,7,8 figure earner" and use that as the basis for why you should listen or follow then. And because of the fact that anyone can practically fake anything (online) real leadership does not lead with; screen shots of: "sales or commission" notifications. Real leaders don't flash cash nor do they flaunt their lifestyle. Real leaders don't exploit the privacy of their teams by making team graphics and tagging and welcoming their newest members for social proof.

True and authentic leadership that actually care are going to lead with education. They are going to ensure that you know exactly what you're getting into before you get into it. Leadership of integrity are going to train you first before you ever come out of pocket with the money to partner with the business opportunity. That alone is the reason that Success 4 The Taking is the fastest growing team and the most powerful team online. We set people up for success right out of the gate. 

Authentic and transparent leadership will lead you by example and not tell you but show you by demonstration exactly how to build your business. When you fail we will not blame your mindset. You just need to practice and get better. As long as you have the determination to succeed. You're going to always constantly learn and grow. Why? Because we can't become leaders unless we learn the basics, practice the basics, and master the basics. The only difference between a leader and a follow is we mastered the basics and you're still learning the basics. Once you can execute the basics and produce results your confidence level goes up.

The confidence that comes from successful execution is what transforms us into true leaders.

Redeemed Leadership


Our opportunity has absolutely no flaws. Why? Because it was built with the pure intentions of helping the average person. The company was created nearly 30 years ago. And it was created with conviction. It shows in the product and service lines we have access to, it shows in the innovation and it shows in the compensation plan. I have dealt with several "CEO's" and have dealt with several "TOP EARNER" or are 100% pure "DOLLAR DRIVEN" people whom I can't stand. 

Of all the CEO's I've ever known and dealt with I only have respect for one and he is not even a "CEO" anymore. But the rest! I could give you a massive list of names of people I tried to listen to and follow, I've tried to adopt prestigious leaders that I thought had substance. All 100% of people on that list with the exception of 1 are all faker than a $3 bill. 

Our field leadership "TEAM BELIEF" is the purest leadership team on the internet there is no debate and it can't be disputed. $100 to the one who gets on a live discussion with my leadership and wins. $1000 to the leadership of another team that gets on a live discussion and wins. 

Our CEO and corporate leadership team is the most powerful leadership team that has ever been assembled. This is the most dynamic lifestyle business opportunity in the world. Why? We have no competition. The only opportunity that was in the same league but really they're not because they are MLM got hit with an FTC warning. That warning knocked them out of the league. The best kept secret after nearly 30 years. Our company has 2 torch awards. Check your opportunity they may have an A+ rating!



  1. Sam Lee Reply

    You definitely have hit all the major flaws in this industry perfectly. There are so many flaws, there are so many people who are innocent and ignorant in this business that deserve a better way. There are also so many stupid people that I call stupid based on the fact that they are fully aware of the flaws in their business, but are greedy so they stay with it. They jump from one shady shut down company to another. That is why I love this business, I love being a part of this team because we are ethical, we are people driven, our opportunity is backed by science and math, and we quite literally make all the industry look pathetic in comparison. Definitely if you are viewing this because a member of Success 4 The Taking Shared this with you please do yourself a favor and get back with them and set up an interview so we can see if you qualify to change your life. I definitely am thankful I was able to qualify.

    • christopher Post authorReply

      yes sir this was tough yet exciting to deliver a bit lengthy but we’re talking about leadership and all the value we have it would take a year to cover a quarter of what is offered!

  2. Tynesha Renee Reply

    Success 4 The Taking & Team Believe both organizations are the epitome of class and leadership. I’ve never in my life been a part of anything as excellent or powerful as this team. Listening to you bring awareness to the many flaws that mlm has truly saddens me.

    That eighty years later, people are still being lied to and manipulated. Correct me if I am wrong here, but in hindsight, it seems like a majority of these companies are pay to play. Whereas if you cannot afford the startup fee to partner. It’s like you’re given two middle fingers and told to basically kick rocks.

    To only return when you have the funds to partner. Therefore in my humble opinion, education and training before sponsoring is the breakthrough that the industry needs. Especially when its agenda is so dead set against not needing skills to succeed.

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