Health Talk By Yan


The company we represent is a true health and wellness business. Anyone can say anything about whatever they want. But the truth is the only thing that matters is Why! There are several reasons why our company is #1 when it comes to the subject of health and nutrition. We don't just cover 1 aspect of health. A majority of the companies that exist only deal with energy and weight loss and that's it. Even CBD and Hemp Oil is loosing it's steam considering that there are local cbd stores on nearly every corner.

Do we cover energy and weight loss absolutely. We have products that deal with health in every capacity that you can imagine. The products we promote have the best delivery system in the world. Our products are backed by science and clinical studies or it doesn't get put on the market. We know that a lot of health and wellness companies out there claim that but when you look deeper the science is just not there. When it comes to energy and weight loss that can be manipulated.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle for the majority it takes discipline, determination, and accountability. If you're making a transition from bad habits and emotional behaviors that can be a big challenge and a struggle for most. For the majority of the health and wellness companies the main concern is sales/commissions. The truth is an energy and weight loss companies can't solve the deeper issues associated with health. 

Our opportunity has over 10,000 health care professionals. We're lucky to have Yan apart of our team. Not only can she explain why our products work. She can explain why the competition's products don't work. We have natural affordable alternatives to prescription drugs.


How often do people in your company actually talk about real health issues and if they do do they provide logical solutions outside of just selling their products? What about just telling you to drink more water and hitting the gym? You can tell if people are passionate about health and wellness. Because they will be more educated and versed beyond just selling you a product line. Yan works with a wide range of diverse health concerns. Some people are concerned about skin, aging, body building, weight loss, diabetes,etc.. 

Our products help to facilitate the change in the lifestyle. We have a huge product line that covers a wide range of things. The majority of our products are not pill based. The ones that are pill based are vegan. The delivery system is why our products have worked so well for years. We also have all natural cleaning products. We have a disinfectant that is EPA rated that kills the corona virus. We're the only ones in our industry that can legally market that. Unlike our competition who all got hit with FTC warnings. Do we do it because we can? No because we don't do mass marketing so why waste the energy?

You're not going to find another group of people who are serious about health and wellness. It's one thing to pose and use methods that convey hype just to sell products. But to actually listen to a real licensed professional give talks and explanations that say something totally different. It's an authentic pure way to learn other different options that give you a fun and exciting way to take on your health challenges. Most of the time this is boring and tasteless but not with us and not with Yan!

Health Talk By Yan


If you're looking for products we have them, if you're looking for an opportunity we have it. We have the best products on the market we can prove it and back it up. Because of the products and the fact that we have access to all of the multi-billion-dollar markets makes our opportunity the best in the industry. And has been for nearly 30 years or longer depending on when you come across this information. 

It's hard for people to believe most of the time because our industry is full of disappointment. If you're sick and tired of the misery you certainly should be looking in our direction. We can certainly help. We want to help. It's not about hype with us. But about changing people's lives. It's hard to use words and phrases without sounding cliche. We're not afraid to prove ourselves. Try us. Do you find everything else a failure and a disappointment then that means you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a fair chance. 

If health is your concern we got you covered there just request a health interview so we can set you up with a personal one on one with Yan! If business and income is your concern we got you covered there just request an interview and a senior partner and the person who introduced you to this will be available to interview you and see if you qualify. Regardless of what you choose we got you. All you have to do is get excited and book the appointment with us. We are always eager to show you some powerful information that will absolutely blow your mind. Manny Ramos told us this; "if we have socks put them on because they're going to get blown off. GET EXCITED!


2 thoughts on “HEALTH TALK BY YAN

  1. Diana Thompson Reply

    I’ve wanted to do what Yan does since one of my first bosses died of a heart attack. He was young yet so unhealthy and I was very heartbroken because of that. In recent years my own parents have struggled with new health issues and all I want to do is help them and so many of my other family members and friends. I want to help anyone who needs help. It’s amazing to know that someone like Yan believes so much in our products! We have access to these products to help ourselves and others if we choose. Thanks for sharing this Health Talk Chris!

  2. Tynesha Renee Reply

    Yan is very much so a treasure to our team. Yan’s expertise and skills are what’s helping me. On my journey towards weight loss and overall health and wellness. For the first time in my life, thanks to Yan and the incredible line of products that we have. I am having fun taking back control of my life one day and one step at a time.

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