About Us


Everything started with Tynesha, Yvette and I looking for a health and wellness opportunity. At the time prior to making the decision to plant our flags with our current opportunity. We were looking at 2 – 3 other companies, products and opportunities. Larry reached out to me and told me about a new opportunity that was in pre launch at that time. He simply said “follow this link join the company for free, check everything out even if you decide not to join”. So I did and I asked several others in that group to do the same. Ty and Yvette both did so right away others did but at a much later date. 


I placed my order! When I received my products I started them the very next day. I noticed results within the first hour and a half. I tested these products without changing eating habits and no exercise. The first thing I noticed was a constant flow of energy. Then I noticed that my hunger pains were gone and my appetite was curbed. I don’t usually eat breakfast. There is more to my personal testimony but I wanted to share a little bit about my experience with the products. I didn’t really mention any specific details in the video above. 

I was excited about my results and my experience with the products I started sharing them in the private group we have on skype. All of us have been in other health and wellness opportunities and have experienced many other products. The truth is there are a lot of good products out there. Most products it takes at least 2 to 3 days to start noticing results. With these products I noticed results immediately. When you start noticing results right away the default reaction is to get excited and share it with other people.


As a leader there are 2 things that must be done to distinguish ourselves as such and we have to do more than proclaim it with lip services.

1.  We have to get into the trenches with the people who joined us.

2.  Leading by example is not an option if we want to see and ensure the success of our teams. 

Multi level and network marketing is the toughest and most difficult approach to creating success with. It’s 100% dependent upon the relationships that you build and maintain. This is the only place where success is 100% dependent upon your ability to help others in order to reach the highest pinnacle of reward. The accomplishments and rewards have the greatest yield thus making it the most challenging to the point that only a few have and can do it. 


This industry was never intended nor designed for any one individual to get rich quick. The fact that there is a constant dealing with other people adds to the challenge. We have seen a lot of teams in our industry come and go. I have seen a lot of industry leaders, top producers, top recruiters, and top earners rally up big numbers. I have also seen those same people jump, hop and skip when their down lines face real struggles. Instead of dealing with them they create smoke and mirrors with “why I’m leaving the company” or they come up with a sad sob story of why their team’s are struggling. 

We have seen a lot of top leaders, produce top teams, with powerful marketing & sales content and state of the art marketing systems. Those teams fall and fail because that is all they have. They only have content and sales material that hypes people up just enough to join but absolutely nothing in place to keep those people from quitting 90 days later or sooner. If you want to build for the long haul, the long term. To put longevity into a business or team it especially a multi level and network marketing team there is a lot of hard work that goes into that.


Motivation and inspiration alone doesn’t have enough of the nutritional substance it takes to build a successful team. It can help keep and hold a team together but it can’t give the team full surviving and thriving capabilities without education and training. Failure to set the proper and realistic expectations. Failure to strongly communicate the proper education can cause a team to be fragile. If you make too much room from the wrong mindsets teams will fail because of internal toxicity. 


Success 4 The Taking believes in doing your due diligence. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it. Which is why we take full responsibility on assisting you through the entire process of learning about everything. We want you to know the good, the bad, the ugly, the pros, the cons, the challenges and rewards. 

Yes we would love to you to join our team right now and if you want to great do so! But If you’re not comfortable because you’ve not been given enough information to make that informed decision we absolutely respect that. The biggest problem when it comes to the internet concerning the home based business industry is Information. 

  • Problem # 1 is information overload we can all only handle so much information before we shut down and can’t continue. 
  • Problem # 2 is getting the right information, getting the complete and accurate information.

Success 4 The Taking starts by introducing you to our team and our people first. If you’ve ever heard of that old saying “people join people” and you truly and really believe that then who you join will absolutely matter to you. If you’re reckless and careless then you will join anything and anyone that looks good and sounds good regardless of whether or not they’re who they claim they are.


If you can take a deep breath, relax and not get in a hurry and make any quick and haste decisions to not join us and give us the chance to do everything right you will get all of the information that you need. It would be better that you made a solid and informed slow decision that paid off big later than to disregard this pass us off as the “same” as you’ve already seen and heard. Every team that failed disregarded everything Success 4 The Taking stands for. They’re main concern was make money a fast and as quick as possible. What happened was they accomplished that and the same manner that the money came in is the same manner that the money went out when people quit.

All of the content we create serves the purpose of providing you a solid source of 100% free no pressure educational information.  What you can expect to learn from us is simple:

1. The Team – you’re going to learn about what value we bring to the table and why you should join the fastest growing team.

2. The Company –  you’re going to learn about why we represent the company that we do.

3. The Products – you’re going to learn about the products and why we promote them.

4. The Opportunity – you’re going to learn about the business model and compensation plan. 

The bottom line is this if you don’t like the people and leadership of the team! You’re not going to join it regardless how great the company, products or opportunity is.