About Us!


The people you listen to matters. And what you listen to matters. What people do matters. The internet has proven time and time again that too many people are not who they say they are. And can't do what they say they can. Because of never ending over promising and under delivering. You will find that Success 4 The Taking is a fresh breath of air. When it comes to a home based business that involves other people whether that be a customer base. Or whether lines of distributions established through gaining business partners. You want the proper education.

We lead by example. If we can't make a real personal connection in person if you live local. And on a video meeting if you're distant. There won't be enough for either to make sound decisions. People can only build people when those people actually, know each other; like each other; and trust each other. If we can't established this point the foundation will be fragile.

To make the best decision available today determine to do something different. Decide what you want! Most people don't properly evaluate their options. Not based on logic. But rather emotions and feelings. Those are not conducive for making business decisions. When you don't understand you are not going to make the right choices that will benefit you long term. That is why we educate first. We want you to know what you're getting into before you do. When it comes to results that comes from simple business building we want you to be confident in your ability. That is why we train you long before you partner.

You must consider your values. Values govern your goals. Your goals govern what you do. It's common you're looking into business for financial freedom.


Financial freedom is a lifestyle that the majority seek. If you want to accomplish financial freedom then you must acquire the assets that are capable of rendering the value that others are willing to buy. This can't be about you and what you want. The support of your income will come from other people. It's about what others want. If you fail to understand this you will not be successful. It is not about what you have to offer. It's about how you position what you have to offer that makes the difference of whether your income is supported by others. Having what people actually want and might be looking for is the most logical option.

You don't want to be boxed in with a bunch of limitations. You don't want to find yourself in the situation of having to rely on the sale of just 1 product, product line, or just 1 service or one service line. And this includes being limited to just one or a few markets. You simply don't want to be tied to just one or a few industries. You want access to everything you can. When you appeal to the lifestyle of other people you are almost guaranteed to get more attention which means better results.

Time freedom is the other part of the lifestyle that the majority seek. Being able to whatever, whenever and not have to worry about having the money to do it. In order to create time freedom you must learn how to leverage your time. This means having the tools reach and resources that can respond when the interest comes in. Then being able to handle the people who express interest in what it is that you have to offer. There is a learning curve. Prepare yourself to be successful.


We are not taking the same approach to business building that people have used for years because it does not work and has not ever been sustainable. We don't do mass marketing. Sure we mass market our content and the value we bring to the table. When it comes to business building we specialize in one to one marketing. We change lives behind closed doors. And we don't just work with anybody. The home based business industry started in the 1940's and has always maintained a constant near 100% failure rate for the past 83 years or longer depending on when you come across this information.

Our culture is different. To obtain financial freedom we have access to all of the multi billion dollar markets. To obtain time freedom we don't work in a massive setting. The truth is all of the hype of the industry over the past several years has a lot of people burnt out on team meetings, webinars etc. Those are necessary so people can see growth and have something to measure success with. Other than that people shouldn't have to trade all their time for money.

You have a place that you are trying to get to. And Success 4 The Taking is the team that will help you get there. We are the fastest growing because of the simplicity of the system we operate with. We're the most dynamic team online because we have a wide range of diverse skill sets that help to create the culture and atmosphere the provides the exclusiveness that is conducive to your success.

The way we use our skills makes all the difference. Because the company we represent has displayed the values that are consistent with ours for over 30 years. The reasons you should work with us are based on 100% logic.


If you can't say this about Success 4 The Taking and we can't say this about you we are clearly not a good fit. If these questions never get answered.

  1. Do we know each other?
  2. Do we like each other?
  3. Do we trust each other?

The only way we can answer these questions to figure out if we are a good fit is to meet with us live. Face to face if local or a video conference if we are distant. We value the human element! You should too!