In my 21 years of experience I have seen so many different types of compensation plans. I've had my fair share debates concerning which compensation plan is the best in the following : 

  • Best in the world
  • Best in it's class 
  • Best in the industry 
  • Best in the history of the industry.

There is a near 100% failure in the entire home based business industry it's not because of the company, the products, the services or the compensation plans but because of the constant:

  1. Hype
  2. Nonsense 
  3. Deception

Those are a few among many here are some other reason why there is a high failure rate:

  1. Poor Leadership - the person who sponsored you 
  2. Poor Followership - you  
  3. Both - blind leading the blind 
  4. Poor Education - you have no clue of what you're involved in 
  5. Poor Training - you have no clue how to do anything to produce results. 

Joining an opportunity to create an income by building a multi level or network marketing company is not an investment. It is not a job. This is a business in which someone else took the greater than normal financial risks to get the opportunity started in the first place. The only investment made was on the part of the CEO and the corporate leadership of the company itself. They had to jump through all of the legal hoops and red tape to become licensed etc. They are the only ones that have a right to call it an investment. 


Before I go into details about Total Life Changes  compensation plan let me establish somethings you need to know and understand from a practical perspective. All compensation plans regardless if it's a binary, unilevel, maxtrix or hybrid all all the same. Let me explain this to you. Since it's beginning the home based business has always been centered around 2 primary things and that is:

  1. Selling
  2. Recruiting

I have never heard of any legitimate company or compensation plan paying out on free or for free. I also never heard of a legit company paying out any commissions without volume being moved. So it doesn't matter what company you join and which compensation plan that you think is the best if you don't have any Selling & Recruiting Skills you're not only going to struggle but you're going to fail and when you fall it's going to hurt. 

Let's Address These Questions Real Brief 

How Long Will It Take Me To Make/Earn My First Commissions?

We can't read minds. Really We're Not Supposed To Entice Or Make Guarantees! But You Want An Answer So Here It Is!

  1. After you become qualified by joining our opportunity by purchasing one of the starter or business packages.
  2. Once we've confirmed that you have successfully done that you will be invited to create a free membership account here on this website.
  3. Once you go through all of the orientation so you know what you're doing or supposed to be doing.
  4. As soon as you get yourself set up to market and promote as soon as someone sees what you're offering as soon as they can understand what they're getting into once they decide that they want to participate and as soon as they purchase the same starter or business package you did that is when you will earn your first commission. 

How Long Will It Take Me To Get To A 4, 5, 6,7, or 8 figure Income? Better Yet How Long Before I Can Quit My Job Or FIRE MY BOSS?

Again we can't read minds. It's illegal, unethical, in some cases immoral to entice or make any kind of guarantees! But you want an answer so here it is! 

  1. You have to get to 1 figure before you can get to 2 figures
  2. 2 figures before you can get to 3 figures
  3. 4 figures before you can get to 5 figures
  4. 6 figures before you can get to 7 figures 
  5. 8 figures before you can get to 9 figures  

To answer the first question let's start off simple with working towards earning 1 figure just to see if we have to what it takes to get to 2 figures. 

The answer to the second question concerning firing your boss that is a bad attitude to have to begin with and in the first place. If you're serious about success someone has to help you get there because you can't get there by yourself. NONE can be successful by themselves without the help and support of other people. In this business some people are going to need bosses to reach success and some people are not. 

In the 1940s they were saying it can't take a minimum of 3 to 5 years before a person can create a strong enough income to replace their boss, job income etc. In the 1980s the internet was launched the tail end of the 90s early 2000s businesses just started coming online. Only 3 % succeed online back then and still today. 

From my experience and the track record of the home based business industry I will say it still takes 3 to 5 years. The internet can allow people to build the income in 6 to 12 months that is 100% straight recruiting. But you're looking at massive furstration and burnout.  To build a life time walk away passive recurring income takes a lot of work and focus because if people become distracted the team can stagnate or worse derail and fall completely apart to the point of total annialation. 

So based on my personal results and how people work You're going to need tools to facilitate the entire operation from the start to the finish. From the beginning and hopefully no ending. 

There are 2 important parts to creating a successful business or income Gaining & Sustaining

There is more to this industry and more moving parts. It's not only about Recruit Recruit Recruit as fast as you possibly can but its also about a ballance of Maintain Maintain Maintain you have to be able to provide a consistent never ending amount of diverse value that comes in the form of education, training, motivation and inspiration. That is not something I myself can do alone nor anyone I don't care how skilled they are. I don't care how much success they've had or how much money they've earned. 

You have to think with an absolute sober mind. It's okay to dream but you have to look at everything through the lenses of reality and what's really likely to happen. MLM compensation plans were ulitmiately designed to only allow you to succeed by helping other people that is why affiliate marketers, cpa marketers, traders, ecommerce and digital currency hate it so much they want to get rich off the very people they want to leave behind with no concern for anyone else's income but their own. Not to mention that affiliate marketers and those other people don't want to deal with other people. MLM NWM - was designed for relationships. Success only comes by the relationships you build and maintain. Not paying for a bunch of advertising slamming people to an offer and expect to build a life time income on a lunch time effort.  Fast money goes fast this type of team and this type of business was never designed to get rich quick but it was designed to get rich for life. 

Success 4 The Taking Has Different Options Plans And Formulas & Approaches To Building With The Total Life Changes Compensation Plan  But IF YOU REALLY MUST KNOW ABOUT THE COMPENSATION PLAN CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW!

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